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The Solution

Trusted Law is a world class technology platform for SME Attorneys. This platform is managed and supported by J2 Software, a leading Information Security Solutions Provider. The Trusted Law platform, while created for the SME Attorney, is suited for any size Attorneyage.

The solution has been provisioned to offer small businesses the same infrastructure, professional connectivity and data security options usually only available to large corporations. The Trusted Law platform is a simple solution which will provide your firm with a compliant platform to do better business.

Recent changes to laws and compliance codes have made the burden on the Attorney tougher than ever – this will not change and it will definitely not slow down. There are always tighter rules and stricter laws coming down the line

Every new law and each new clause in compliance requirements has increased this burden. This is made even tougher for smaller Attorneys without the luxury of vast IT budgets and limited skills at their disposal. Trusted Law is your solution no matter how big or small your business may be. Trusted Law really is your solution – with an affordable fixed monthly fee.

mimecast and J2 SoftwareTrusted Law combines the benefits of South Africa's leading provider of cloud based email archiving, continuity and security, Mimecast, together with the worlds leading Hosted Email Server solution – Microsoft® Exchange into a single, secure and easy to use solution which will solve your information compliance requirements.

  • Can you PROVE when the Policy Documents was sent to and received by your client?
  • Was that email sent on time and to the right person?
  • Do you have fully archived information on all signed agreements?
  • Do you have a web presence?
  • Can you access your archived information at any time, from any device?

If not, you need Trusted Law.

Sign Up Today And Make Your Life Easier

  • Each person receives a personalised email address - whether there's one, two, three or more users – no more generic , unprofessional email addresses
  • Personalised Web Landing page – with contact details & specialities
  • Simple setup with fixed affordable setup fee and monthly user charge
  • Bottomless Email Archive - Data stored for 10 years in world class secure and confidential Archive
  • 100% Guaranteed Email Availability
  • Guaranteed SPAM and Anti Virus protection
  • Personalised Email Signatures
  • Data Loss Prevention & Compliance coverage
  • Instant access to archived email
  • Web and Mobile Device Access - phone and tablet
  • Connection to Hosted Microsoft® Exchange Mail Server with shared contacts & calendars
  • World Class Cloud based solution provides you access to your email archive & information from anywhere in the world at any time from any device

The Offer

Trusted Law gives you full control and total availability of your information, contractual communication and ensures you never lose this data again. The totally secure platform will allow you to work smarter and show a more professional face to your clients. Give them what they need instantly from any device.

Sign Up Today And Make Your Life Easier

Contact Us today in order to join the Trusted Law community – get your dedicated email address and never lose an email again. All you need to do is fill in our simple application form, send it to us and you will be up and running live in no time at all.

Once off

Site setup | Account Creation | Remote setup | standard signatures | Unique professional email addresses | Connection and configuration

Trusted Law
Email Compliance

Email Security | Anti Virus | Bottomless 10 Year Archive | Archive search | Guaranteed availability

Trusted Law
Hosted Exchange

Shared calendars and contacts | Single view from anywhere, on any device | Work smarter and faster

Online Backup

Archive Quotes, Excel, Word or other documents | Securely archive Policy Documents | Version Control | Access your archive from anywhere on any device


Q - Is my data secure?
A -Your data is being securely archived across several world class data centres which are trusted to securely protect the information of hundreds of thousands of people around the country. The data in your email archive cannot be deleted and you are able to securely recover your data as soon as it is needed. Not days or weeks later.

Q - I am a one man business, is this suitable for me?
A -Yes, the simple truth is that it is the perfect platform for you. As a one man/woman operation nothing can be quite as devastating to your business than losing your email and other important information. This is specifically important for contractual and sensitive customer information. The Trusted Law platform gives you the peace of mind you need, without the complexity.

Q - What if I already have a domain registered?
A -This is not problem! We can move your current email records and addresses over to the Trusted Law platform. This will ensure that you get a World leading data security and compliance solution with your existing domain. This will all be handled without interruption.

Q - What do I do with my existing email?
A -We can look at how your data is stored, the existing format and location in order to provide a suitable solution at a nominal cost to ensure it is also protected. Data ingestions are very common nowadays.

Q - Will this work with my Smartphone, Computer, Laptop and Tablet Device?
A -Yes, one of the biggest advantages of the Trusted Law platform is that you have a single, secure and consolidated view of your data on any device from anywhere in the world. The mobile access applications also ensure you are always able to instantly search your archive for important information that you need right now.

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